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Company Values

Our Company Value

Our company values are quality assurance and value creation

We focus on providing high-quality services and advocate strong management performance. We have always stressed a customer-oriented concept, firmly honor contracts with integrity, ensure the optimization of our engineering quality, and build service quality. We value the development of our “performance culture” and believe it is the best way to maximize value and achieve win-win outcomes with stakeholders.

Our Company Spirit 

Our company spirit is represented by "Integrity, Innovation, Transcendence and Win-win"

Integrity is an essential part of the development of our business.

We strive to overcome difficulties and obstacles by complying with business conventions, honoring the fulfillment of customer contracts and having a good faith relationship with our partners. Integrity requires us to faithfully fulfill our duties, handle affairs with justice, ensure due diligence, safeguard interests and keep secrets. We always treat our member units honestly and treat our staff fairly, and we persist in seeking truth form facts and fulfilling our commitments.

Innovation is our magic tool for success.

Innovation requires us to think with a global perspective and conduct our job with open minds, be good at learning, be brave in our breakthroughs, and be daring with our reforms. It requires us to optimize and improve our working methods and improve our efficiency and service quality. It also requires us to establish a mechanism that encourages innovation, creates a relaxed atmosphere for innovation, and fosters a dynamic company image.

Transcendence is the driving force for our development.

We constantly challenge ourselves, make progress, and act as a pioneer when we can. We actively benchmark against international advanced enterprises in order to upgrade from good to excellent. We foster the concept of “do the best”, so that we can surpass our competitors, our history and our own expectations.

Seeking win-win outcomes is a value pursuit by us. 

We firmly believe that seeking win-win outcomes helps establish positive interest from communities and can lead to superiority in the market. It is also the best way to unite people in a way that brings together positive forces and contributes to the productive integration of resources. In our work and collaboration with stakeholders, we must jointly shoulder social responsibilities, create values, share our interests and attain our goals in a common and mutually beneficial way.

China State Construction Overseas Development Co. Ltd. (in short: China State Construction Overseas) is subordinated to China State Construction Engineering Co. Ltd. (CSCEC), a Fortune Global 500 Company, as its worldwide subsidiary.

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