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China Construction (UK) Limited Approach to UK Tax 

Construction (UK) Ltd publishes this Tax Strategy Statement in accordance with the requirements of the United Kingdom (“UK”) Finance Act of 2016 (“the Act”). 

1. Risk management and governance arrangements in relation to UK taxation

Overall responsibility for China Construction (UK) Company’s tax is under the direction of the UK Company’s UK resident director together with our parent company in China providing oversight of tax matters. The UK resident director has day to day responsibility for governance, risk management and any decisions made in relation to taxation.

The tax consequences of significant commercial transactions are considered by our parent company in China. 

In order to comply with the UK tax law fully, we have engaged with a reputable external accounting firm, primarily to process all taxes matters e.g. Employment Tax, VAT and Corporation Tax etc.

2. Attitude towards Tax Planning 

All tax planning that we undertake considers any tax relief or opportunities available to us that are clearly in the spirit of the legislation and related to HMRC guidance. 

As UK tax law is highly complex and constantly changing, we seek external tax advice in the normal course of our business on a range of matters to ensure the correct analysis is made of proposed transactions, such that the tax consequences are understood. 

3. Relationships with Tax Authorities

We seek to build and sustain relationships with the UK tax authorities (i.e. HMRC) that are constructive and based on mutual respect. We will work collaboratively with HMRC to resolve disputes and to achieve early agreement and certainty regarding all tax matters. 

We support the principle behind multilateral moves towards greater transparency that increase understanding of tax systems and build public trust. 

4. The level of risk in relation to UK taxation that we are prepared to accept 

We have a low tolerance towards tax risk, and therefore do not undertake transactions led by a tax planning purpose. We seek to minimize the risk of a dispute with the taxing authorities by being open and transparent about out tax affairs. 

Internal governance is not prescriptive on the levels of the acceptable risk, but in practice, where there is any doubt as to the tax treatment of any particular transaction, the company would only proceed on the basis of advice from one or more leading tax practitioners that the transaction in question should have the particular outcome.  

External stakeholders have not sought to influence the level of acceptable risk. 

Further information 

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